In a world of competitive sports and competitive startups, one thing is paramount: the Team.

Today, Gallant Exchange announces the appointment of Bob Cavnar as Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Cavnar is the former President of Mercantile Global Holdings, Inc. (MGH), the parent company of the San Juan Mercantile Exchange. He is a longstanding senior executive in the energy and technology industries, holding positions of chairman, director, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer and president in public and private companies. Mr. Cavnar brings over 30 years of C-suite experience in strategy, startups, financial structures, capital markets, governance, and corporate transactions to Gallant Exchange.

“I am very pleased to join a dynamic, innovative company that combines the technology of digital assets with the excitement of global sports. We are bringing corporate best practices to the company as we build a singularly unique platform in the digital asset ecosystem.” – Bob Cavnar, Chief Strategy Officer, Gallant Exchange

Mr. Cavnar joins Gallant for the Company’s market entry and inaugural trading competition launching this August. Gallant’s trading competitions feature utility Athlete Memorabilia Coins (AMCs) for users to trade, compete, and win high-valued collectibles of their favorite athlete, which will increase in frequency and value as the Company grows.

The Gallant Exchange is designed for fans and athletes, first, built to support the trading of Athlete Memorabilia Coins (AMCs) as well as the largest digital assets. Athlete Memorabilia Coins are minted on the ERC20 protocol, tradeable on the Gallant platform, and increase or decrease in value subject to market forces. Users can enter into trading competitions, contests, or raffles for real-world collectibles and memorabilia of the respective athlete as a coin holder; in time, Gallant aims to provide more lucrative ‘experience’ prizes, providing fans direct interaction with their favorite athlete. When the value of the prize increases, so do the parameters of qualifications to win.

“I am very excited to welcome Bob onboard to the Gallant Exchange as the Chief Strategic Officer.  Bob brings with him 30 years of executive experience and a deep passion for business startups, turn arounds, and most recently as the President of Mercantile Global Holdings.” – Rick Beaman, President, Gallant Exchange

Gallant intends to provide endorsed or “Athlete Backed” Coins by working with athletes directly to provide fans ownership in an athlete’s contract value, business ventures, or endorsements. Gallant’s Initial Player Offering(IPO), seeks to provide direct investment opportunities by tokenizing an athlete’s contract or future endeavors.

In partnership with the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association (an international, non-governmental self-regulatory organization), Gallant provides end-to-end client services and support across Athlete Coin and digital asset transactions. Gallant currently accepts digital asset payments including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and USDC; users may withdraw to USDC or their preferred digital asset as wanted.

About Gallant Exchange:

Gallant Exchange is operated by Gallant SVG LLC., an Innovations group that has over 100 years of combined experience in myriad financial and digital asset markets. Coupled with an extensive advisory board from the sports world, we’re bringing top-tier sports investment and trading opportunities to fans worldwide. For more information, visit our Team page.
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