Emerging Athletes

What if, NFTs could both help people in need, provide a low-risk scenario to investors, and create a new medium for sports collectors?

For the past few decades, professional baseball teams have sourced amazing talent from all over the world, but most of MLB (Major League Baseball) prospects have come from the Dominican Republic (“DR).

In the DR, each year approximately 4000 young athletes, are trained by baseball academies across the country, hoping to becom
e p rime candidates for MLB and other league scouts. Those scouts, come to the DR, knowing that the talent pool is significantly higher than the average, as DR’s two greatest exports a re tourism and baseball stars.

Coming in 2022: NFT use cases are growing; from collectibles to community building.
In 2022, we’re launching a line of Emerging Athlete NFTs – a new concept that will pave a path for this new exciting industry.