Athlete Memorabilia Coins

Gallant is not just a regular digital assets exchange; although we offer trading of BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and USDC, we also created the perfect environment to allow sports fans to win and engage with athletes, around collectibles, competitions, contests, and experiences. Athlete Memorabilia Prize coins allow our users to have access to Gallant’s collectible and memorabilia contests, which are done on a regular basis. Our current line of athlete coins (Gallant issued Utility tokens) covers NBA, EU Football (Soccer), and MMA. Our future coins will target additional global sports, such as Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Racing, and more.

Gallant’s collectible and memorabilia contests are athlete-specific; to be eligible for contests for a specific athlete’s collectibles and memorabilia, users must own that athlete’s coin. For more information on contests and competitions, visit the Prizes page.

Athlete Coins

Secondary Market Trading

Buy/Sell Athlete coins on our platform. Gallant provides a fully functional digital asset exchange, allowing users to easily execute trades and swap Athlete coins for various digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Ripple, and USDC.

Fan Engagement Prizes

Gallant offers its traders a line of sports collectibles and memorabilia, meant to reward its users for their contribution to our platform. Each month, traders who compete will win one of a number of highly collectible and rare sports items, from autographed pictures and posters to game-used equipment and more. Gallant’s goal is to create the perfect fan engagement opportunities for users while preserving the athlete’s reputation and brand.

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Athlete Memorabilia Coins currently available:


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