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Investing in Emerging Athlete NFTs

Coming in January 2022:


NFTs of Future Sports Stars

EMERGING NFTs, issued by young athletes (before they are signed by leagues/teams), so they can continue to finance their training while offering a BUY-BACK from the initial investors, under the condition that the athlete is signed. GX looks to find hidden talent; young, ambitious amateur athletes, who are dedicating their lives to the pursuit of a career in professional sports

How it Works:

  1. Review our White Paper and understand what these NFTs mean and how they’ll be utilized.
  2. Purchase the NFT (or any number of available NFTs)
  3. Wait….keep waiting….check in from time to time to see if the athlete has any updates to their prospect with professional sports.
  4. Contingent on the athlete getting signed to a pro sports contract; GX will facilitate a BUY-BACK to the investors, at a premium above the original purchase price (buyback purchase price is contingent on the signing bonus of each individual athlete).

Sports betting and fantasy sports paved the way for fan engagement in sports and athletes, but fail to realize the potential of investment vehicles or trading opportunities. Gallant is building diverse asset classes for long-term sports and athlete investment; just like watching our favorite sports and athletes compete, we intend on having fun trading and competing as well. Watch for new and competitive product offerings coming out in 2022, around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and NFT investment tokens. We’re only getting started.

Gallant’s collectible and memorabilia contests are athlete-specific; to be eligible for contests for a specific athlete’s collectibles and memorabilia, users must own that athlete’s coin. For more information on contests and competitions.

Athlete Securities

The Initial Player Offering™ or “IPO” is designed to give Athletes the ability to tokenize their brand and allow fan investment. Athletes are looking to raise capital, through ventures, fractional ownership in their contracts or by offering a percentage of their future earnings. Gallant is pursuing multiple relationships with high profile athletes in the US, EU, South America and Asia, to give our users more access to these experiences on our platform.

The IPO (as opposed to a Generic Coin), results in a Branded Athlete token which allows users to take a deeper approach to direct investments into athletes. The unique nature of this new asset class falls under FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) jurisdictions and, as such, comes with a number of considerations and compliance factors that we evaluate on a case-by-case basis.



Investments into Athletes and Memorabilia Coins

Gallant is not just a regular digital assets exchange; although we offer trading of BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and USDC, we also created the perfect environment to allow sports fans to win and engage with athletes, around collectibles, competitions, contests, and experiences. Athlete Memorabilia Prize coins allow our users to have access to Gallant’s collectible and memorabilia contests, which are done on a regular basis. Our current line of athlete coins (Gallant issued Utility tokens) covers NBA, EU Football (Soccer), and MMA. Our future coins will target additional global sports, such as Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Racing, and more.

Gallant aims to comply with the strictest US and global regulatory requirements, pertaining to securities law.Buy/Sell Athlete coins on our platform. Gallant provides a fully functional digital asset exchange, allowing users to easily execute trades and swap Athlete coins for various digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Ripple, and USDC.

Team Gallant

Athlete Memorabilia Coins currently available: