All Users need to register with Akemona:

Akemona is an online platform, where crowdfunded securities are offered for sale (Reg-CF) by Issuers in accordance with the rules governing the offer and sale of securities under Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933.

All funding-portal activities on this platform are conducted by Akemona, Inc. (“Akemona”). Akemon permits prospective investors to independently search and invest in securities offerings on the Platform.

In preparation for set-up, each new investor should:

  1. Have a desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection.
  2. Install Google Chrome browser from
  3. Review education materials in the Getting Started section of the Akemona Education Center.
  4. Understand the investment process and your rights under SEC Regulation Crowdfunding.
  5. Enable use of a mobile phone for receiving SMS or text messages from Akemona.
  6. To make an investment you have two options: with a wallet or without a wallet.
    • With Wallet: Set up a digital wallet. Akemon supports MetaMask, Coinbase wallet through WalletLink, and multiple wallets including MetaMask Mobile through WalletConnect.
    • Without Wallet (Walletless): No digital wallet setup is required for investments. The investor receives a PDF certificate of investment on the Akemona Dashboard.
    • Please note that digital investor perks, such as NFTs, cannot be delivered to wallet-less investors.
  7. Making an off-chain payment.
    • This includes ACH, Payment Card or Wire Transfer.
  8. Complete registration as an investor on the Akemona funding portal.
  9. Browse investment opportunities on the Akemona funding portal.
  10. Browse investment opportunities and follow instructions to make an investment.