Gallant Exchange announces the receipt of the trademarked “Initial Player Offering”, (serial# 90010791) with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Simon Grunfeld, Gallant Exchange Founder, and CEO, who since 2008, has been at the lead of numerous global retail and institutional trading and exchange platforms, remarked;

“Thought up in a brain storming session, the phrase Initial Player Offering, or “IPO” is the easiest way to convey our intent to Athletes: go public, get investors and raise money for your cause or venture. A complete end to end solution by the Gallant Exchange”

Initial Player Offering

The Gallant Exchange is designed for fans and athletes, first. The platform is built to support the trading of Athlete Coins (ACs) as well as the largest digital assets. Athlete Coins are minted on the ERC20 protocol, tradeable on the Gallant platform, and increase or decrease in value subject to market forces. Users can enter into trading competitions, contests, raffles for real-world collectibles, and memorabilia of the respective athlete as a coin holder; in time, Gallant aims to provide more lucrative ‘experience’ prizes, providing fans direct interaction with their favorite athlete. When the value of the prize increases, so do the parameters of qualification to win.